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Feeling at home in foreign markets.

The idea behind the German Centre

The German Centre Indonesia is located in BSD City, an attractive environment for living and working in the greater Jakarta region.

Service from the German Centre Indonesia - competent advice with practical relevance

The team of the German Centre Indonesia in Indonesia is an ever ready advisor for its tenants, interested visitors and new arrivals. In addition to providing initial information about entering the market and establishing a company in Indonesia, as well as extensive information about the location and market conditions in Indonesia, the service package of the German Centre Indonesia is focused on supporting tenants in the long term. In addition, the team members at the German Centre Indonesia provide competent and practical oriented advice concerning the process of moving in and fitting out, personnel recruitment, setting up the communications infrastructure (Internet, telephone), IT applications, and even relocation.

Importantly, the German Centre Indonesia team serves as a ‘door opener’ to authorities, associations and cooperative partners, and arranges relevant contacts which are essential in the initial phase of set up. This, too, is part of the service offered by the German Centre Indonesia.


The German Centre Indonesia Team - experienced and competent

Many of our team members have been with the German Centre Indonesia for many years and therefore are familiar with the special needs of tenants. They understand and are experienced with the types of questions, problems, and worries that small and medium-sized companies can be concerned with, and quickly suggest or find suitable answers. Additionally, as the German Centre Indonesia team members are familiar with the business practices in both the West and the East, they can help tenants at the German Centre Indonesia to overcome and avoid potential cultural barriers. This is a service that is not to be underestimated in its value.

An additional important service of the German Centre Indonesia is the various service providers right under one roof and directly in the German Centre Indonesia. Their services optimally complement the services provided by the German Centre Indonesia directly. The service providers include:

  • Tax consultant and attorney (legal advisor)

  • Accountant

  • Internet provider

  • IT service provider and data back-up provider

  • Cash machines and convenience store

  • Language school for German and Indonesian

A very special service offered by the German Centre Indonesia is networking. The German Centre Indonesia management actively supports the exchange of experience among German Centre tenants and with the international business community of Jakarta, and organizes regular German Centre Indonesia Business Luncheons to facilitate this exchange within the German Centre. Not only tenants, but also numerous external parties take full advantage of this German Centre service.

The first point of contact in Germany for prospective tenants of the German Centre Indonesia who are seeking basic information is the German Centre team at L-Bank. Our commissioners are available to provide comprehensive information and assistance, including further detail on the services at the German Centre Indonesia. They can also give suggestions on how to proceed further in the undertaking of settling into a new and distant market.

The German Centre Indonesia cooperates with a range of institutions in Indonesia and Germany, offering yet an additional service.


Multipliers of the German Centre Indonesia local to Indonesia:

  • German Embassy

  • EKONID (German-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

  • Gtai

  • KfW

  • DEG

  • GIZ

  • EuroCham

Multipliers of the German Centre Indonesia in Germany:

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs of the State of Baden-Württemberg

  • BW-i

  • German Centre Network

  • Various Chambers of Commerce and Industry

  • Watch Indonesia

  • HTWG Konstanz


The German Centre Indonesia is an enterprise of the Landeskreditbank Baden - Württemberg.